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Grandmaster Byrne breaking 15 Boards with an elbow

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SAVE THE DATE for the 2014 United Kingdom Open!


This year’s annual competition is to be held on

Saturday, May 10th

at the NIAC Cyncoed Campus, Cyncoed Road, Cardiff CF23 6XD

We look forward to another great year of Tang Soo Do competition brought to us by Senior Master Trudgill and the Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation

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The 2014 All Tang Soo Do Championship


This year’s annual competition was another great success!

Thank you to all the competitors, staff, dignitaries, and attendees.

Click below for tournament highlights page 2014 Tournament highlights

2013 Master’s Summit and Test

The 2013 master’s test and master’s summit was held at ATA/UTC Headquarters in Malden, Massachusetts this September. Many of our top masters attended, from near and far. Master’s and third degree black belts tested for their next rank in front of a panel consisting of Kwan Jang Nim Mitchell and senior masters. Many other masters (also pictured above) were in attendance to observe and participate in a special seminar by Kwan Jang Nim Mitchell after the test activities. Later that day, masters had a short meeting to discuss ATA and UTC activities and then visited Grandmaster Byrne’s grave site nearby, to pay respects to our founder.

2013 Tang Soo Do Training Camp

On August 10th, over 60 students, Black Belts and Masters attended the 2013 ATA Training Camp held at ATA/UTC Headquarters in Malden, Massachusetts. “Campers” enjoyed seminars conducted by Kwan Jang Nim Mitchell, Senior Masters Herbert and DiScipio, Master Debi Boudrot and special guest Professor Dave Castoldi,10th dan in Ju Jitsu. It was a great day and many remembrances of Grandmaster Byrne were passed around. Master DiScipio became Senior Master DiScipio as he was promoted to 7th Dan during the morning opening ceremonies.

Grandmaster Penny Mitchell congratulates Senior Master John Trudgill for running yet another amazing Tang Soo Do weekend!

In Wales, over the weekend of April 27th & 28th, 2013, Senior Master John Trudgill ran another enormously successful tournament on Saturday, and a record turn-out for the seminar on Sunday. Congratulations are also in order to Senior Master Trudgill as he was promoted to 7th Dan! S.M. Trudgill is also the Chief Executive Director of the United Tang Soo Do Congress and as such over sees the UTC schools in Europe and Canada. He is an amazing instructor and inspiring leader evidenced by his enthusiastic, dedicated and highly talented students. CONGRATULATIONS, SENIOR MASTER TRUDGILL! TANG SOO!!!

Kwan Jang Nim Penny Mitchell receives 8th Dan at 2013 Tang Soo Do Championship.

On March 23rd, 2013, at the Tang Soo Do Championship, Grand Master Robert Cheezic presented Grand Master Penny Mitchell with her 8th Dan promotional. Grand Master Byrne had begun Grand Master Mitchell’s promotion process earlier that summer and this represented his final, most important promotion. The tournament was a commemoration of the life of Grand Master Richard Byrne and also held special significance in the life of Grand Master Mitchell, as it marked her 35th anniversary (to the day) in Tang Soo Do. Kwang Jang Nim Mitchell is pictured above with (from left to right) Master John Trudgill, Grand Master Robert Cheezic, Senior Master Ken Herbert, and Master Marco DiScipio.

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Welcome to The Official Website of The American Tang Soo Do Association and The United Tang Soo Do Congress. The American Tang Soo Do Association is committed to helping Tang Soo Do instructors with a strong national organization that allows them to build on tradition individually but without the restrictions associated with most Martial Arts organizations.

The United Tang Soo Do Congress, founded by Grandmaster Byrne in 2006, provides that same support to Tang Soo Do schools and instructors located outside the United States, as well as providing a support system for other Tang Soo Do organizations located in the U.S.

Established in 1973, the A.T.A is one of the oldest Tang Soo Do organizations in the United States. We welcome Tang Soo Do stylists from all organizations at our events and see it as an opportunity to learn, grow and share in the community of Tang Soo Do.

For more information on how you can join our organization or participate in A.T.A sponsored events, or even if you just want to find out more about Tang Soo Do, contact us at our headquarters:

388B Eastern Ave. Unit 3,
Malden MA 02148
or call us at (781) 324-9568

  • 2011 ALL TANG SOO DO Championship was an unqualified success! Check back for pictures soon!
  • 2011 International Tournament in Cardiff, Wales was an overwhelming success with over 1060 competitors! Stay tuned for upcoming pictures and higlights from the event. 2012 World Championships in BOSTON!
  • Congratulations to Grandmaster Byrne on his induction to the New England Wrestling Hall of Fame on May 21st
  • 2011 ATA Summer Camp will be held at Camp Lyndon on July 8th, 9th and 10th. Come train with the Masters of the ATA as well as this year’s guest Professor Dave Castoldi. Don’t miss it!

Grandmaster Byrne conducted a huge seminar at the 2012 International Tournament in Cardiff, Wales in May

  • 2012 ATA Seminar

    Grandmaster Byrne conducted a huge seminar at the 2012 International Tournament in Cardiff, Wales in May

See our News and Events page for more information about the international tournament and recent events.

Tang Soo Do Sisters & Brothers

Upon the passing of Grandmaster Richard Byrne and abiding by his wishes, noted plans and unanimous decision of the Masters of the ATA/UTC, Senior Master Penny Mitchell is now Kwan Jang Nim, of the American Tang Soo Do Association and the United Tang Soo Do Congress, assuming all roles and responsibilities associated with that position. Accordingly, Senior Master Ken Herbert is now Vice President of the American Tang Soo Do Association.

We would also like to announce that Master John Trudgill of Wales, will assume the role of Chief Executive Director of the United Tang Soo Do Congress. Honorably, Grandmaster Benedetto Stumpf remains Executive Director while Grandmaster Fred Scott continues to serve as Executive Counselor, a position entitled to him by Grandmaster Byrne in March 2012.

In addition, we are announcing the formation of the ATA/UTC Advisory Committee and is as follows:

Kwan Jang Nim Penny Mitchell
Senior Master Ken Herbert
Master John Trudgill
Master Marco DiScipio
Master Debi Boudrot

The ATA/UTC remains strong, unified and committed to carrying out the work of our beloved founder, Grandmaster Byrne. We believe that through our experience, skill and knowledge, the ATA & UTC will continue to flourish throughout the world.

Grandmaster Richard Byrne

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